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About Us

Previously located in the Medford Judo Academy training center (the longest continuously running martial arts school in southern Oregon), prior to the building being victim to the 2020 Almeda Fire in southern Oregon, Rogue Valley Martial Arts conducts training in the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do ("Way of the China Hand") for adults and children, ages 7 and up.

Our school's philosophy is based on the belief that our students' individual needs and abilities are of the utmost importance to recognize, enabling us to provide unique training regimens to each individuals' abilities, even in a group class setting. Given this, a high percentage of our business is from student referrals, for which we are greatly appreciative.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and confidence, and deliver you superior martial arts instruction - because teaching martial arts is what we love to do, it is not our livelihood. Therefore, no long term, entangling contracts are required when training with us. A flat monthly tuition covers you, and yes, family discounts are available.

Please call to coordinate seeing us and view a class, speak with an instructor, or try a class for free! We encourage you to visit other martial arts schools in the area when searching for what type of instruction, training and personal attention might be right for you or a family member. We're confident you'll like what you see with Rogue Valley Martial Arts!

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Brief History of Tang Soo Do

The basis of the Tang Soo Do system is its powerful kicking combinations, which derive from the ancient Korean kicking art known as Soo Bak Do. Soo Bak Do’s roots can be traced back to approximately 600 AD, during the Silla Dynasty period in Korea.

In 1936, at the young age of 22, a Korean Soo Bak Do master by the name of Hwang Kee left Korea during the Japanese occupation of his country and traveled up into Manjoo (southern) China to continue his training, as the oppressive Japanese did not allow the Koreans to continue their martial arts training and teaching. Having perfected his kicking prowess from his Soo Bak Do training, Hwang Kee trained with Chinese gung fu stylists and began to incorporate the “flowing hand” movements of the gung fu system with his kicking techiques. Later, Hwang Kee was exposed to the traditional hard-style kata (form) of the Japanese karate system Shotokan (these are the same forms that the Japanese adopted from the Okinawan Shorin Ryu system, for most of their open-hand karate systems). Master Hwang incorporated variations of these hard style forms into his training and began formulating a new art that harnessed the power and flexibility of the two main styles of martial arts: the soft style of the Chinese gung fu systems, and the hard style of the Japanese/Okinawan systems, with his kicking repertoire of Soo Bak do. 

The culmination of these arts came together formally in November of 1945 after the Japanese were expelled from their occupation of Korea during World War II. Hwang Kee settled in Seoul, Korea and began teaching his new system, which he named Tang Soo Do (“Way of the Tang [China] Hand”). His first school in which this new system was taught was referred to as the Moo Duk Kwan (“Institute of Martial Virtue”), hence the name that the system is now commonly referred to – “Tang Soo Do – Moo Duk Kwan”.

Professional Affiliations

Rogue Valley Martial Arts is affiliated with the Western Pacific Tang Soo Do Association (Sacramento, CA) -, and the World Dang Soo Do Association (Seoul, South Korea) -, where Master Garrett has served as the Region Director - Western Region for the World Dang Soo Do Association.

Martial Arts Supplies, Uniforms and Training Equipment

Rogue Valley Martial Arts - Tang Soo Do is an authorized distributor of two of the country's leading martial arts supply and uniform manufacturers and suppliers - Century Martial Arts and Asian World of Martial Arts. Visit either supplier's website and let us know if you'd like to place an order. Discounts offered when you order $50 or more worth of merchandise, and NO shipping for local orders! Visit our suppliers at or

When and Where You Can Find Us

Class Schedule

Junior/Adult (7 Years and Above) Class Times:

Tuesday evening: 6:00PM - 7:30PM

School Location

Given the destruction of our prior facility, classes are currently being conducted on a beautiful estate in south east Medford, at 2399 Terri Drive, Medford, OR  97504

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